Was Cleopatra the first #lussolovely? Join us on this scent story for our VIP Wax Melt Club February


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Was Cleopatra the first #LussoLovely?

by Tara Lescott


Hi Lovelies!

This month's latest VIP Box has been made, dispatched, delivered and received and we can finally talk about the theme!

Each month we face a new challenge; to transport our VIP members to another place, time or memory. It's a lovely way for me to develop and release many of the ideas that constantly bubble away in my head but each month the pressure mounts, hoping that our VIPs love the scents...

For February, the month of love, I felt drawn to find a love story less obvious than the traditional cookie cutter "happily ever after" stories usually found around Valentine's Day. Instead we wanted to find something with love at the heart but more real. Few us live the perfect life. Love is often messy, sometimes painful, full of highs and lows. I found myself drawn to the tale of Antony & Cleopatra - a saga of passion, power, and fragrant allure.

It's a period of history I have always found fascinating. Ancient Egypt and The Roman Empire are rich with mystery, love, war and adventure and so I invite you to immerse yourself in the scents of ancient Egypt, where love and ambition collided amidst the colourful political backdrop of Rome and the treacherous ancients dynasties of Egypt.

A reminder to us all that love has always been dramatic; the cause of pain as well as bliss and that the striking brave woman that was Cleopatra was not so different to many of us - a love of making her palace feel beautiful, a love of sensual pleasures and most excitingly for me; a fascination with scent and the power it has to change the way your environment, and the people in it, feel.

With the backdrop being set, let us unbox this months VIP box.

The Scented Journey Unveiled

As you open your February VIP Wax Melt Collection Box you step into the world of Antony & Cleopatra- almost 2000 years ago. Each scent is inspired by the key places and moments that highlight this, the most well known, love story of all time.

A Fragrant Legacy

Breathe in the heady blend of verbena, Egyptian rose, incense, black cedar, and tonka in our Alexandria wax melt. Inspired by the ancient city that was the heartbeat of Cleopatra's empire, this scent captures the opulence and power that defined her reign and the many rich fabrics, spices, oils and herbs to be traded. One of the greatest cities of the world, the city of Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great when he conquered ancient Egypt in 332 bce and it remained the capital of Egypt for hundreds of years.

Bathing in Luxury

Indulge in the cleansing and soothing blend of almond milk, honey, and aqua blossoms with our Aboukir wax melt. Cleopatra was renowned for her  bathing rituals - regularly bathing in milk and honey infused with essential oils to keep her skin soft and young. Just as Cleopatra luxuriated in the lost baths of Aboukir, this scent invites you to partake in the ultimate act of self-care—a ritual of relaxation and rejuvenation fit for a queen.

Euphoric Elegance

Experience the hypnotic blend of blue lotus, white musk, and Egyptian amber in our Blue Lotus wax melt. Worn by Cleopatra as a perfume Blue Lotus was a revered symbol portrayed in many drawings of that time. Blue Lotus was not only a perfume oil but had medicinal purposes (insomnia and anxiety) and was also used to create a feeling of euphoria. It is believed that Cleopatra served concoctions of wine with Blue Lotus oil to both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony which made both besotted with her.

A Magnificent Entrance

Transport yourself to the banks of the Nile with our Rose Blossom wax melt, a striking blend of figs, honey, red rose, frankincense, and sandalwood. Cleopatra planned her grand entrance to entice Mark Antony i Tarsus by sailing in a boat with purple silk sails (soaked in Rose Water), with silver oars and servants fanning her under a gold canopy dressed as Aphrodite. Servants released incense and rose oil into the air along the riverbanks. Imagine the fragrant air, with billowing scented sails, music playing and the heady spectacle of Cleopatra's arrival and the heat of Mark Antony's instant attraction.

The Scent of Power

Immerse yourself in the powerful cologne of frankincense, myrrh, Egyptian oud, cardamom, and leather with our Mark Antony wax melt. Like the man himself, this scent is striking, dominant, and masterful—a reminder of his prowess as a warrior and leader of men. Antony was reported to be large in stature and personality, with strong aqualine features and a deep husky voice. It was traditional for men of wealth to use oils to scent themselves - this strong oud scent profile is based on traditional ingredients of the time but remain in use commonly today as a demonstration of wealth.

A Commanding Presence

Finally, the last of our six exclusive scents, let us embrace the commanding perfume of orange blossom, neroli, jasmine sambac, and Egyptian amber in our Cleopatra wax melt. Like the queen herself, this scent is at once feminine and fierce—a testament to Cleopatra's intelligence, strength, and unyielding spirit. Feisty yet undeniably feminine and sensual, it is perhaps a reminder that there is a little of Cleopatra in all of us.


We hope you enjoyed exploring the scents of ancient Egypt through this month's box of wax melts. From the bustling ancient streets of Alexandria to the tranquil cool bathing vaults of Aboukir, we hope each scent brought to life some moments of passion, power, and intrigue—a reminder of the enduring allure of one of history's most captivating love stories. A reminder that the beauty and complexity of love and romance is timeless

As always, our VIP members can restock any individual scents as a wax melt, or fragrance oil although I think at least two of these scents will be voted in, by our members, to become main collections. 

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Until next month,
Happy Melting

Tara x



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