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    Every bundle box includes a 6 month reed diffuser, 3 X 144 hour wax melt clamshells, 1 X concentrated fragrance oil, 1 X Intensive Room Spray and 1 X Fragrance Powder Shaker - we do release and include FREE Fragrance Fizzers at certain points of the year or on certain days - if this is the case it will be displayed on our website on that or those days exclusively and will be added to your order automatically.

    You can find instructions on each product but here is the summary:

    Wax Melts - Each cube will provide a minimum of 24 hours of fragrance and can be used in either a tealight wax warmer or electrica wax warmer. Just melt and remelt as many times are you like until the scent fades.

    Fragrance Oil - For use in Oil Warmers (Electric or Tealight) simply add water to your warmer and add a few drops of oil to surface of the water. Unlike wax melts the liquid will eventually evaporate and at that point you should replace the water and oil or turn the burner off. Fragrance Oil can also be used with Mist Diffusers - simply follow the usual instructions for your specific mist diffuser and add a few drops of our oil to the surface of of the water in the tank. Then mist away!

    Reed Diffuser
    Reed Diffuser provide gentle ongoing fragrance without the aid of heat or electricity to create an air current, mist or create convectional air movement. Therefore it is not as a strong a source of scent and will rely on natural air movement to move the scent in your home i.e you should place your reed diffuser where natural air movement will occur ie there is a natural source of air flow around it like a door or window and/ or people will be moving around naturally in your home close by. Without this you will only smell a reed diffuser once you're very close by.

    Room Spray
    Our room sprays are fabric safe, strong and long-lasting. We make them fabric safe as it is the textiles in our homes that hold the most scent (good or bad!). Simply spritz your home and soft furnishings from at least 15cms away and enjoy beautiful long-lasting scent. We advise against use with very delicate fabrics such as silk.

    Fragrance Powder
    Use the shaker to gentle shake an even covering of powder to your carpets, rugs and even mattresses. The powder will absorb moisure, neutralise stale odours and smooth the fibres in carpets and rugs - aiding the release of built up skin, dander, hair, dirt and dust that becomes trapped and creates a stale odour. Just leave for 10-15 mins and vacuum away. Keep pets and children away while powder is on surfaces.