Luxury Home Fragrance for Less by Uno Lusso
Luxury home fragrance for less

Say NO to overpriced "designer" brands you begrudge using

Join the 50,000 + homes that say YES to making their homes feel special WITHOUT bloated price tags
The old Way vs the Uno Lusso Way

The obsession is Real

86% of customers purchase EVERY SINGLE MONTH

Once you discover our unique in house fragrance blends, their exceptional performance and the impact they have on your home you won't ever settle for less again


Luxury Wax Melts

Scent your home with unique scents for just 2p per hour

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Scented Candles

So affordable you won't begrudge lighting them!

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Luxury Room Sprays

Made to Eau Du Parfum standard - but without the fancy price tag

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Get the VIP treatment

5 wax bars delivered each month in new scents exclusively available to members with a new theme every single month. No scents repeated and amazing VIP perks, discounts and events
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Fragrance Oils

Just a few drops provides 8 hours plus of beautiful airy scent

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Plug In Fresheners

Gentle clean fragrance - say no to nasty chemicals in your home

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Reed Diffusers

Our reed diffusers provide NINE MONTHS of beautiful scent

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From our customers


"Why do I love Uno Lusso??It's not just a product.... it's a smell, a memory, the ability to make new friends you wouldn't have normally met, The business is a family that has also welcomed its customers as family too, I couldn't and won't buy from anywhere else. We're all part of the Lusso Famiglia"

Corrina Curnow

"What I love most is not just the quality but the range of scents and products - always something new to try and they always smell amazing!"

Lindsay Eady

"Everything screams luxury, I have bought candles, diffusers, wax melts, oils and more. As soon as I place an order I can't wait wait to receive it. The fact that it's a family business that care makes it even more special"

Neecia Bauluck

"Ah Bellissimo! What more can I say - the clue is in the name. Love Bev x"

Bev Shephard

"I found Uno Lusso during lockdown and so glad I did. A family run business who put customer service at the forefront. We are a VIP family. The products are incredible, elegant, organic and smell incredible. So glad I found Tara and Richard xxx"

Helen Price

"Uno Lusso is such an amazing business, not only is it family run but you feel part of a community &family. Everyone is so lovely, welcoming and friendly to everyone.What can I say about the scents - they're incredible, I'm currently burning an old scent which is discontinued but still smells great Havana Nights. Since finding out about Uno Lusso I've binned all my other melts as nothing truly compares to Uno Lusso.Xx"

Sophie Wright-Perry

"I was recommended to Uno Lusso a year ago and I have loved growing my collection. My house smells amazing and I have 4 dogs and 2 cats. I love my morning routine of choosing which fragrance to warm and mist and then of course layering with the spritz and shake. I would recommend Uno Lusso to everyone"

Loraine Dally

"Uno Lusso is my all time favourite addiction and obsession. After being introduced to this wonderful company by my sister  it is all I can think about. The products are absolutely amazing quality and the customer service from Tara, Richard and family is the best. Being a VIP Lusso makes you feel like being in an extended family and I would highly recommend to everybody!!!!"

Joanne Aresti