"I can smell autumn dancing in the breeze. The sweet chill of pumpkin, and crisp sunburnt leaves.

What does Autumn mean to you?

For most us Autumn conjurs hot chocolates, pumpkins, falling leaves and russet hues, crackling log fires and the thrill of the festive season to come...

It is a time we traditionally dedicate to making our homes ready for Winter, to add touches of comfort and warmth and blankets and throws, logs and candles, home baking, new leather boots and beautiful soft knitwear

For most of us Autumn is invoked most noticably by four core scent groups - sweet bakery comfort type scents, warm spices, woody tones and warm linen or perfume type scents

Even if you don't have the budget this year for new accessories it is easy enough to create this feeling autumnal cosiness simply with the use of scent (after all it is the most powerful of all of our senses and the one most connected to emotional wellbeing) - so here are our recommendations (and also happen to be our bestsellers at this time of the year)...


Another beautiful vanilla blend, less sweet although still spicy this scent is a bestseller all year round but is particularly popular in the autumn & winter months - think warm cashmere jumpers, a brisk walk arm in arm with someone special and a spiced latte in hand! With a warm vanilla based enhanced with tonka bean and tobacco blossom

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Casa Di Lusso was designed to create that plush comfortable show home feeling - Think of thick carpets, squidgy sofas, soft velvet cushions and beatiful throws, autumnal flowers and flickering candle light! Its a very pretty and mellow blend of cashmere musk, white fern, sandalwood and tonka

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Massimo is a stronger more striking woody toned cologned - it adds a luxurious deep feeling of sophistication to any room. This is an aromatic blend of cedar and oak lightened with mallow flower and smokey amber with powdery notes of iris. This scent is a must for homes with a more daring personality

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Sweet, delicious and spicy this is a real and natural scent of white pumpkin, with sweet apple and gorgeous autumn spices on a vanilla base - perfect for sunday mornings but be warned the household may think you have baked something gorgeous!

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Scent with Impact

When scenting your home it's important to remember that home fragrance works in three ways primarily:

1. Neutralising odours from cooking or pets

2. Scenting the air

3. Scenting fabrics

For best use of any product in your home you must tackle all three

Your scent will always be more powerful if you air a room and clean it first - this removes dust, pet dander and stale odours left behind from cooking, pets and more - this creates a neutral position to then scent your home and you will find any scent you add is more powerful and long-lasting.

Scenting the air is by far the easiest and cheapest way to scent your home and we recommend wax melts in wax wax burners and fragrance oils in oil burners or mist diffusers as the most affordable way to achieve this - you can use our long-lasting wax melts or concentrated fragance oils for just 2p per hour.

For homes with more robust budgets adding reed diffusers and candles adds a real feeling of luxury and will keep your favourite scent layered without the need to always have a device running or a tealight lit

But for really powerful impactful scent you must also scent your fabrics - they are responsible for holding the most scent in your home (good or bad) - our fragrance powder sprinkled on mattresses, carpets, rugs and soafs is a very easy and non-toxic way to doedorize and scent your home - this can be done just once a week. Follow up with a daily spritz of your favourite room spray (hold 15cm away from farbics) and you'll find your curtains, bedding and voiles will release beautiful scent each time they are moved

If you are fortunate enough to have a complete approach then you will lhave a home that instantly feels wonderful when anybody is fortunate enough to enter it

All you have to decide is which scent profile is more you...
Sweet & Delicious like White Pumpkin & Spice?

Woodsy Aromatic Cologne like Massimo?

Warm & Subtle Spice like Bel Padre?

Or soft mellow plush perfume like Casa Di Lusso?

Most people find themselves drawn to one more than the other - let us know in the comments what your profile is and how autumn feels in your home

Have fun making your home feel cosy this Autumn

Tara x