Silver tin candlesSIlver Tin Candles by Uno Lusso

Silver Tin Candles

For travel, gardens and smaller spaces


"Love how cleanly Uno Lusso candles burn - no more marks on my walls and they smell gorgeous" Lily Henman

Beautiful clean scent, creamy organic coconut wax and zero harmful additives such as glitter, dyes or paraffin.
c 40 hours from each candle tin
100% organic wax | Unique fragrance blends | Pet Safe

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Ambra Tin Candle
Ambra - Silver Candle Tin 190g
Bambino Silver tin candle
Bambino Candle Tin
Clean fresh bellissimo silver candle tin
Lidded silver tin candle
Bellissimo Candle Tin
SIlver Tin Candles by Uno Lusso
Portofino Candle Tin
Pomegranate Nero Silver Tin Candle
Pomegranate Nero Travel Candle
Pomegranate Nero Candle Tin
Massimo Silver tin candle
Massimo Tin Candle
Massimo - Silver Candle Tin 190g
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