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Blog Post - Collection Glow Up Pending

GLOW UP - Our limited & seasonal collections are getting a makeover!

3 days ago
Our limited and seasonal collections are getting a serious glow up! Read on to find out what's changing and when.... Glow up pending in 5, 4, 3, 2, .....
10 Candle Crimes you should NEVER commit!

10 Candle Crimes you should NEVER commit!

A candle is a beautiful thing and often feels like a treat - DON'T commit one of these candle crimes and ruin your candle! You've been warned
electric vs tealight wax burner - which is best?

Tealight vs Electric Wax Melt Burner - Which one is best for your home?

Wondering what the difference is between a tealight and electric wax burner? In this blog post I explain the difference between the two so you can decide
Uno Lusso Charity Christmas Raffle

Anti-Bullying Alliance Charity Raffle! LIVE - 10 Amazing Prizes

10 AMAZING CHARITY RAFFLE PRIZES - £1 per ticket - Enter NOW!

Help us support this amazing charity and win some fabulous prizes

What are wax melts? This blog explains what they are and how to use them

New to wax melts? Here's your quick guide to using was melts for the first time!

What are wax melts? How do they work? If you're new to wax melts here's everything you need to know to get started...