"Unbelievably clean & fresh - it's gorgeous" - Vicki Chalmerson


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    Introducing Fresca, the epitome of luxury home fragrance, designed to transform your living space into a haven of pristine freshness and airy elegance. Inspired by nature, Fresca encapsulates the essence of pure, bright clean air, offering a sensory escape that is both invigorating and serene.

    At the heart of Fresca are delicate aqua blossoms, evoking the crisp, revitalizing aroma of fresh water mingling with gentle floral notes. This unique blend conjures an atmosphere of airy lightness, reminiscent of a cool breeze flowing through an open window.

    Complementing this refreshing core, white woods infuse the fragrance with plush, clean undertones. The subtle sophistication of these notes creates a refined backdrop, balancing the vibrant top notes with a touch of serene elegance.

    Finally, the comforting scent of cotton flower ties everything together, imparting the familiar, delightful essence of freshly laundered linens. This element ensures a continuous sense of clean comfort, perfect for those who cherish a bright, airy, and impeccably fresh home environment.

    Fresca is not just a fragrance; it is an experience—a seamless blend of nature’s finest elements, crafted to uplift your senses and refresh your living space. Embrace the luxury of a home that feels as clean and airy as a bright spring morning with Fresca.

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