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"My favourite scent ever - luxurious, special, musky - it's a must!" - Eve Wall, Essex

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Amber Musk Wax Melts with amber stones
Ambra Wax Melt Palette
Ambra - Dolcissimo Wax Palette
Ambra 144 hour luxury wax melt clamshell
Ambra Luxury Wax Melt Clamshell by Uno Lusso
Ambra Wax Melt Clamshell
ambra grande wax melt clamshell - 24 cubes of wax
Ambra - Grande Luxury Wax Melt Clamshell
Ambra Fragrance Oil
Ambra Wax Melts - Jar of 15 hearts
Wax Melt hearts by Uno  Lusso
Ambra Wax Melts - Jar of 15
Ambra Luxury Intensive Room Spray 150ml
Ambra Room Spray
Ambra Luxury Room Spray
Ambra Wax Melt Hearts Refill Pack
Wax Melt Hearts Refill Pack - Ambra
Ambra Luxury Reed Diffuser
from €14,95
Ambra Silver Tin Candle
Luxury Silver Candle tin
Ambra - Silver Candle Tin 190g
Ambra Luxury Car Diffuser
Ambra Car Diffuser black or silver
Ambra - Car Diffuser
Ambra 2 wick gloss candle
Ambra 2 wick gloss candle
Ambra 2 Wick Gloss Candle
from €22,95
Ambra Metallic Candle by Uno Lusso
Ambra Metallic Candle
Ambra Plug In Diffuser & Cartridge
Ambra Plug in Diffuser
Ambra Plug In Diffuser
from €8,95
Massimo Spritz & Shake Set
Fragrance Powder 350g Shaker
Massimo Spritz & Shake Set
Ambra Spritz & Shake
Ambra Fragrance Powder 350g Shaker
Ambra Spritz & Shake Set
Ambra Fragrance Powder Shaker & Refill Pack
Ambra Fragrance Powder Shaker
Ambra Fragrance Powder
from €9,95
Chrome Silver Donatella Reed Diffuser - Ambra oil
Matte Black Donatella Reed Diffuser
Donatella Reed Diffuser - Ambra
Ambra Black Venetian Candle
Ambra Silver Venetian Candle
Venetian Candle - Ambra
Ambra Metallic Grande Silver Candle by Uno Lusso
Ambra Metallic Grande Silver Candle
Ambra - Metallic Grande Candle
Ambra Grande Venetian Silver Candle Jar with lid
Grande Venetian Silver Candle jar with lid and bow
Grande Venetian Chrome Candle Jar - Ambra
Ambra White Gloss Candle XL
Ambra Luxury White Gloss Candle
Ambra - Large 4 wick candle with lid
from €26,95
Ambra wax melt sample
Ambra Luxury Wax Melt Sample
Ambra Wax Melt Sample
Ambra Fragrance Fizzers for Mop Buckets, Sinks, Drains and Loos
Ambra - Fragrance Fizzers
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