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Woodlands & Coastal Wax Melt Collection Box NEW




This gorgeous gourmet box of wax melts is inspired by the natural beauty of the great outdoors with a stunning selection of scents to reflect the classic aromatic wonder of lakes & mountains, meadows & rivers, coves & lagoons, earth & skies

Just opening the box is an experience in itself with  each scent carefully blend to work in symphony with the rest of the collection.

With 4 heart shaped wax melts in each of the 6 scents in from the Woodlands & Coastal Collection this box is just pure decadence and a real treat for the home or someone special.

The scents included in this selection box are:


Smuggler's Cove
A rich oaky
 scent, with tobacco and rum undertones, and is sweetened with lemon and lime and a hint of spice that is deepened with a base of aged leather, oak moss and dark amber.
Inspired by the aromatic secret coves of the Italian coast and undiscovered treasures.

Rocky Ravine
Dusky bergamot, apple and grapefruit sit lightly on a deeper base of cedar, amber, jasmine, sandalwood & myrrh for a magical musky but fresh scent.

Inspired by the beauty and wonder of star gazing from the peak of a beautiful lush ravine 

Enchanted Forest
is mystical blend of warm amber, soft magnolia, mallow and bluebells combined with cedar and sandalwood for a stunning perfume that recreates the wonder and magic of exploring an enchanted forest.
Inspired by the discovery of a secret forest trail lined with wild flowers and a sprinkle of white magic.

Surfer's Paradise (formerly California Surf)
A strong marine scent with tropical florals, sea spray and a touch of coconut resting on a rich amber and musk base
A sensual beach scent inspired by clear blue sea, golden sands and bronzed beauties riding waves as they crash to shore.


An uplifting and refreshing blend of white oak, rock salt and white sage. A bright and breezy scent that brings the unique aroma of coastal breeze into your home.

Inspired by the soothing contemplation of collecting beautiful driftwood on a breezy beach walk. 

Blue Lagoon 
A blissful aqua marine blend of jasmine, water lily, vetiver, cedarwood, jasmine and amber
Inspired by the the relaxation of lazily drifting through a sparkling blue lagoon under the hot sun

This box of treats will deliver over 270 hours of burn time and as always each wax melt is hand crafted at the Candle Barn in Cambridge using pure soy wax and high grade fragrance oils for a superior, cruelty-free, vegan friendly, allergen-free burn.

Once you find your favourite scents you can find a whole range of matching products in wax melts, candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and much more.



  • Only for use with a tealight wax burner or electric wax warmer
  • Use 2 - 3 hearts at a time as long as they fit comfortably inside the well of your burner
  • Use with a 4 hour tealight only - overheating will boil the wax and evaporate the scent
  • You can melt and reset as many times as you like until the scent fades



  • Please make sure you remove all packaging before placing the wax melt into the well of your wax burner.
  • Use with an unscented tea light (we recommend soy tea lights for a toxin free experience).
  • Keep out of the way of children, pets and draughts. 
  • Never move a wax burner while lit.
  • Never leave a burning candle or active burner while lit.

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