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White Gloss Soy Candle - 30cl - Woodlands & Coastal (discontinued) scents

Woodlands & Coastal Collection has relaunched in April 2021 

Below are options available in old style packaging and discontinued scents only

These 30cl white gloss candles will provide over 60 hours of highly fragranced clean burn time due to our toxin free organic soy wax blend.

Scents available are:

Smudgestick - Incense, Cedar, Amber & Sandalwood site on a vanilla base to give you a wonderful smoky take on traditional vanilla.

Woodland Walk 
Cedar, Jasmine & Moss will recreate the crisp mossy coolness of the forest.

Havana Nights 
Tobacco, Leather, Spice & Vanilla for a sophisticated sultry scent reminiscent of the sexy night air in exotic places.

Mountain Spring Grapefruit, Lime, Vetiver, Cinnamon & Vanilla that invokes the fresh crisp air of rushing waterfalls and mountain glades.

How we make our candles
While our design and inspiration comes from Italy, all of our soy scented candles and wax melts are hand-poured in Cambridge England, and are made using pure soy wax and cotton wicks using high grade botanical and fragrance oils. Give your home the signature scent you love without the toxins associated with paraffin based waxes or zinc wicks.

Candle Safety & Care

We love the luxury of having a candle burning but we do want our customers to use our candles safely while also getting the most out of your purchase.

When using our candles you must do so with caution and awareness of the associated risks, so please ensure you always follow these safety precautions which are also always listed on each individual product.