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Spa Di Lusso Wax Melt Pot - Mini Gift Box

This cute gift box holds six beautiful long-lasting soy wax pots from the Spa Di Lusso Collection and makes a wonderful treat either alone or accompanied by a burner and tealights.




The soy wax melt pots included in this set include:

A soft and gentle, dreamy blend, of lavender, chamomile and creamy coconut milk Blended to help relieve tension and soothe the mind leaving you relaxed and stress free

A powerful blend of tension easing clary sage and healing rich dead sea minerals for a wonderfully fresh and aquatic fragrance.
Blended to help alleviate hormonal imbalances and create a feeling of calm and peace.


A pretty and happy blend of dusky bergamot, sweet mandarin and night jasmine
Blended to elevate your sense of wellbeing, leaving you feeling happier, less anxious and hopeful.

A wonderfully aromatic blend of fresh rosemary, cool eucalyptus and sea salt swirl together for a beautiful clarifying and refreshing scent
Designed to clear the mind, sharpen focus, and enhance concentration.

A gorgeous aroma that combines juicy lime with white jasmine and sea kelp that combine together to create a wonderfully stimulating blend.
Designed to stimulate the mind and body while boosting creativity and a positive mindset leaving you ready to take on the day.

A robust perfume of pink grapefruit, black pepper and aromatic cardamom that together create a surprisingly robust but pleasing scent
Designed to create a feeling of resilience, providing stamina and fortitude as you tackle day with vigour.



  • Only for use with a tealight wax burner or electric wax warmer
  • Use 1/4 of a pot at a time as it fits comfortably inside the well of your burner
  • Use with a 4 hour tealight only - overheating will boil the wax and evaporate the scent
  • You can melt and reset as many times as you like until the scent fades



  • Please make sure you remove all packaging before placing the wax melt into the well of your wax burner.
  • Use with an unscented tea light (we recommend soy tea lights for a toxin free experience).
  • Keep out of the way of children, pets and draughts. 
  • Never move a wax burner while lit.
  • Never leave a burning candle or active burner while lit.

Please see our product safety page for advice on how to use all of our products