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Spa Di Lusso Fragrance Fragrance Oils

Our Spa Di Lusso collection celebrates and enhances your wellbeing at home or work with a suite of products to help you create the balance you need.

Whether you need to relax, focus or motivate, we've got beautiful blends to help your environment smell and feel great!

Available in all six Spa Di Lusso scents our fragrance oils are for use ONLY with cool mist ultrasonic diffusers.

Just a few drops in the water tank is all you will need for up to 8 hours of aromatherapy.


This scent is a stunning blend of beautiful blend of lavender, chamomile & creamy coconut milk designed  to assist with your relaxation at home or work with ingredients to aid sleep, relieve tension and soothe the mind.

If you're feeling stressed or suffer with anxiety then this air diffuser oil might be just what you need as it's a fragrance that combines clary sage and dead sea minerals that are known to help create calm, address mood imbalance (particularly hormonal imbalance) and ease anxiety - plus it smells great! 

Bergamot, Mandarin & Jasmine have been combined in this pure fragrance oil to create a beautiful scent that will help to raise your mood, give you a spring in your step and make your home happy. This scent will literally make your home smell like the most beautiful spa!

This is a unique blend of rosemary, eucalyptus & sea salt in a pure oil form that can help to clear the mind, boost memory and enhance concentration - plus it smells great! Some people find this a great scent for revision, study or a home office!

Combining fresh lime, jasmine & sea kelp; designed to invigorate the mind, boost creativity and support a positive mindset. If you're looking for more energy this is the scent for you! 

A powerful combination of grapefruit, black pepper and cardamom working together to create a scent that will boost energy, enhance stamina and build resilience. A great scent if you're feeling tired, have physical activities to tackle or suffer from low energy.

Please note pure oil should be used carefully as it can damage some porous surfaces so please follow instructions on each item carefully.


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