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Signature Collection Wax Melt Clamshell Gift Box

A beautiful gift for anyone that loves wax melts! 

In each beautifully packaged rigid ribboned gift box you will find 12 luxury scented soy wax packs and each will offer at least 144 hours plus of burn time.

Each wax melt pack is made with pure creamy soy wax and high grade fragrance or botanical oils for a clean, vegan friendly and toxin free burn

The pots included in this set include:

Bel Padre
Bello Morello
Cieli Azzurri
Mandarino Verde
Oro Rosa
Pomegranate Nero

*Please let us know if this is going directly to the recipient of the gift so that a gift receipt is enclosed. If you would like a handwritten note card included please also include the entire message you would like written out.

Please see our product safety page for full guidance on how to use our wax melts safely.

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