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Pomegranate Nero - Luxury Floor Fragrance Powder - Large Refill Pouch

1kg Foil Pouch - Pomegranate Nero Carpet Powder
Large refill pouch Pomegranate Nero Carpet Powder with shaker jar

Our luxury floor fragrance powder is a pure and toxin free blend of all natural products blended with a bicarbonate of soda base. 

This gives you a natural deodoriser, moisture and dirt absorber and fragrance all in one (and it makes your carpets feel incredibly soft!)

Simply sprinkle over your carpets or mattresses, leave for 30 minutes and then vacuum away leaving your home smelling beautiful.

This large pouch holds a lot of powder and lasts the average customer 6-8 weeks (just depends how much you love to hinch those carpets!)

The Pomegranate Nero Fragrance

This fine and natural powder is infused with Pomegranate Nero; a sensual rich scent with top notes of pomegranate, plum and fresh roses. Combined with mid notes of patchouli, cedar wood and spices and a musky base of amber, vanilla and leather this is a sophisticated scent that creates a beautiful ambiance in your home.

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Product Details

This large foil pouch is filled with 1kg of ultra fine powder and we will refill our standard shakers 3 - 4 times over. This volume lasts the average customer 6 - 8 weeks but will depend on the size of your home and preferred frequency of use.

Sprinkler Jar is available as an additional purchase.


We have rigorously tested this product and have ensured that the ingredients used are based on all natural products and high grade fragrance. This should not damage any carpets but if you are unsure do a small patch test on your carpet or rug first.

As this is a fine powder you may find your vacuum filter will require changing / cleaning more regularly. We cannot accept any responsibility for misuse or damage caused to your vacuum cleaner by not changing / cleaning your filter regularly.

Our fragrance powder is child and pet friendly as it is toxin free but you should keep the area clear from children and pets while the powder is on the floor to avoid ingestion or direct inhalation.

For more information please see our product safety page

1kg Foil Pouch - Pomegranate Nero Carpet Powder
Large refill pouch Pomegranate Nero Carpet Powder with shaker jar