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Plug-In Diffuser - Mandarino Verde

Mandarino Verde Plug in Refill & Plug Air Freshener
Mandarino Verde Plug In Freshener Refill

If the clean citrus scent of Mandarino Verde makes you happy then our new plug-in diffusers are a brilliant way to not only fragrance your home with your favourite scent but also neutralise those day to day family life, pet and cooking odours.

Mandarino Verde is a clean zingy medley of siccilian lime, zesty bergamot, ripe mandarins, white florals, peppery basil and carraway seeds. A rich, clean and fresh scent that is a favourite for many.

This diffuser is also available in 35 other scents from within our Spa Di Lusso, Fruits & Florals, Woodlands & Coastal, Cara Mia and Signature Collections.

See our full diffuser scent list here.


Instructions for use

  • Keep bottle flat 
  • Place  paper towel on a non-porous surface while unscrewing lid 
  • Place cartridge carefully into the plug
  • Keeping the cartridge flat place plug into plug socket
  • Do not tip or rotate the cartridge or oil may leak
  • Turn plug on at socket and use dial to set level of fragrance required
  • The higher the number the stronger the scent
  • When changing again keep cartridge flat and seal with cap if you wish to retain and store.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • If on skin wash thoroughly with soap and water. If irritation occurs seek medical advice.
  • When cartridge is empty remove from plug socket - DO NOT LEAVE ON WHILE EMPTY
  • Do not leave plug-in switched on overnight 
  • Should oil in cartridge be spilled into the interior of the plug when inserting or moving do not use plug
  • Cotton core can become discoloured when in use due to components of some fragrance oils (for example vanilla) this is normal 
  • We do not responsibility for accidental damage caused by misuse or faulty electrics 

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Mandarino Verde Plug in Refill & Plug Air Freshener
Mandarino Verde Plug In Freshener Refill