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Passion - Fragrance Oil (Original discontinued)


The original Passion fragrance is now discontinued and this is the remaining stock in the original scent

We are so excited to extend the Cara Mia (The Amore Collection) range of products by offering these six incredibly popular fragrances in fragrance oil form!

Designed for use in our Cool Mist Ultrasonic Air Diffusers only - these scents will will infuse your home with a beautiful fragrance creating an ambiance of love and romance instantly.

Passion is an indulgent perfume of night jasmine, dusky rose, bergamot, spicy cinnamon, amber woods and vanilla for a scent you just can't get enough of

This is a 10ml bottle of pure fragrance oil and only a few drops at a time are required and is solely for use with one of our Ultrasonic Air Diffusers.