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Oro Rosa Luxury Room Diffuser

This stunning sensual scent will deliver a long-lasting fragrance to any room and due to it's clean design will blend in with any room design.

About the Oro Rosa diffuser fragrance

A seriously sophisticated and sensual scent, Oro Rosa combines ancient damask rose with the luxurious smoky and musky scent of Oud to deliver a showstopping scent for your home. This fragrance is blended with a pure soy base (so no nasty toxins or allergens) and is super long lasting - most 100ml diffuser bottles will last at least 4 - 6 months.

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What's included?

Packaged in a beautiful diffuser box your purchase includes a glass jar filled with 100ml of reed diffuser oil , a black collar, and bow (and 6 black reeds.

When your product arrives simply unscrew the collar, remove the plug, replace the collar and place the reeds in your bottle. Allow the reeds to absorb the oil over a few hours and then change the reeds to place the opposite ends into the oil. All set!

Refill oil is available for future purchase.

Please see our product guidelines for how to use your room diffuser safely.

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