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Hinchers Floor Fragrance Powder Sample Box

Our lovely Hinchers asked and we have delivered!!! We are delighted to now offer 3 trial packs of our luxurious floor fragrance powder in our top 3 "clean" scents.

Included in your pack is:

  • 1 X Pouch Mandarino Verde
  • 1 X Pouch Bellissimo
  • 1 X Pouch Cieli Azzuri
  • 1 X Shaker Bottle

If you haven't used Floor Fragrance Powder before then you are in for a treat! Your house will smell beautiful and your carpets will be fresh, deodorised and scented beautifully (it also makes your carpet feel incredibly soft!).

Directions for use:

Remove the seal inside the shaker bottle and fill with your selected fragrance powder.

Shake over the carpets that you wish to freshen up and leave for 20 - 30 minutes. If you can then agitate the powder into the carpet / rugs with a brush (this will deepen the effect).

Keep your room clear of children and pets while the powder is left on the floor - while this powder is toxin free we don't want your children or pets to consume accidentally.

After 20 - 30 minutes simply vacuum away and enjoy a freshly "hinched" experience that really lasts.

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