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Florence Plug-In Diffuser

Florence Plug In Diffuser by Uno Lusso
Florence Plug In Diffuser

If you love the romantic perfume of dreamy Florence then our Plug-In diffuser is a great way to keep a continuous gentle hum of your favourite scent in your home.

Offering up to 80 days of beautiful fragrance from one refill bottle they're not only great value for money they also offer total flexibility as you can simply change the refill bottle to suit your mood. (please note the higher the setting the stronger the scent and the quicker it will be used).

Florence is a dramatic dreamy perfume inspired by its namesake. This dramatic perfume blends rose with vanilla and musk for an incredible sensual perfume. 

This blend is a soy based oil and pure fragrance oil. No carcinogenic or toxic ingredients like most shop bought plug in air fresheners.

Instructions for use

    • Keep bottle flat 
    • Place  paper towel on a non-porous surface while unscrewing lid 
    • Place cartridge carefully into the plug
    • Keeping the cartridge flat place plug into plug socket
    • Do not tip or rotate the cartridge or oil may leak
    • Turn plug on at socket and use dial to set level of fragrance required
    • The higher the number the stronger the scent
    • When changing again keep cartridge flat and seal with cap if you wish to retain and store.
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets
    • If on skin wash thoroughly with soap and water. If irritation occurs seek medical advice.
    • When cartridge is empty remove from plug socket - DO NOT LEAVE ON WHILE EMPTY
    • Do not leave plug-in switched on overnight
    • Should oil in cartridge be spilled into the interior of the plug when inserting or moving do not use plug
    • Cotton core can become discoloured when in use due to components of some fragrance oils (for example vanilla) this is normal
    • We do not responsibility for accidental damage caused by misuse or faulty electrics 

Florence is a best-selling scent from the Botanico Collection.

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Florence Plug In Diffuser by Uno Lusso
Florence Plug In Diffuser