Festivo Plug-In Diffusers & Refills

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Festivo Plug-In Diffusers & Refills
Festivo Plug-In Diffusers & Refills
Festivo Plug-In Diffusers & Refills

If you love to layer your favourite scent throughout the home you can't beat our plug-in diffusers for a constant hum of your favourite festivo scent.

Offering 80 - 90 days of fragrance per refill bottle they're not only great value for money they also offer total flexibility as you can simply change the refill bottle to suit your mood.

Scents available include:

Festive Spice
A gorgeous blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger resting on a base of creamy vanilla and a hint of lemon. This fragrance is a family favourite and represents all of your  favourite Christmas memories wrapped up in one blend.

Cinnamon Orange
This rich but traditional Christmas scent is a beautiful medley of sweet spicy cinnamon, blended with bright orange and musky bergamot with a little clove on a smooth vanilla base. An elegant and traditional christmas scent with beautiful top notes.

Winter Spruce
Reminiscent of sleigh rides through pine forests; this blend marries blue spruce with clove and eucalyptus on a woody musky base for a truly unique festive forest experience.

Fill your home with the gorgeous scent of freshly baked gingerbread lovingly made with fragrant nutmeg and lots of brown sugar

Mistletoe & Myrrh
A sophisticated, warm and sensual blend of sandalwood, Cedarwood, myrrh, incense and ylang ylang dance together to create an incredibly luxurious and unique scent for your home

Candy Cane
his unique medley of peppermint. vanilla and sugar invokes a child-like Christmas wonder -creating a wonderfully sweet yet refreshing aroma. 

These plug-in air fresheners are made by hand using soy and fragrance oil only so none of the nasty toxins and carcinogens associated with most plug in fresheners.

Available as a whole unit including plug or just as a refill. Use drop down menu to choose.

Each pack comes with instructions on how to use your product safely. Please read carefully before using. Please keep out of reach of children and pets.

Festivo Plug-In Diffusers & Refills
Festivo Plug-In Diffusers & Refills
Festivo Plug-In Diffusers & Refills