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Etna Bianca - Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser & Humidifier

Uno lusso - Etna Bianca Cool Mist Diffuser
White Cool Mist Diffuser

The Etna Bianca Mist Diffuser is a gorgeous new addition to our range of home fragrance accessories and is a beautiful way to both humidify and perfume your home without the need for a candle or heat (particularly useful for warmer months or in bedrooms!)

This device uses ultrasonic frequencies to create silent vibrations. This breaks the fragrance oil and water into tiny particles, creating an ultra-fine mist that is highly fragranced and replenishes moisture in the air (particularly good in months where central heating can dry the skin).

With LED light to create a soothing ambience and choice of alternating colours, just one or none, this Mist Diffuser has a large easy to fill tank.

Simply fill the water tank to the max line, add a few drops of our fragrance oils and turn on. With 1h, 3h, and 5h settings you can control the length of time that you mist for and can rely on the safety cut off to turn the device off automatically should the water run out.


A full water tank will last approximately 8-12 hours while using just a couple of drops of fragrance oil.

How to use your Etna Bianca Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser Safely

1. Always unplug your device before changing water or cleaning

2. Remove outer case and remove lid from water tank

3. Fill tank with room temperature water without going over the max line

4. Place a few drops of your Uno Lusso fragrance oil into the tank

5. Replace tank lid / cover

6. Plug in

7. Press button for lamp for LED light if preferred

8. Press mist button to begin misting on your chosen 1h, 3h, or 5h setting. Press once more to turn off misting.

Recommendations for use:

  • Must use with pure fragrance or essential oils ONLY and only those designed for use with such a device
  • Only drop oil directly onto the surface of the water
  • Clean regularly to prevent the ceramic plate at  base becoming clogged with oil residue or limescale. 
  • Do not move while full.
  • Fill with a jug and use room temperature water only.
  • Once switched on allow to run for a few minutes before expecting full strength misting.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Uno lusso - Etna Bianca Cool Mist Diffuser
White Cool Mist Diffuser