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Cieli Azzurri Fragrance Oil

If you're a little bit addicted to the velvety clean scent of Cieli Azzuri then you will love these fragrance oils released for use with our Cool Mist Ultrasonic Air Diffusers or with a tealight oil burner. With just a few drops you will perfume your home in just seconds!

Cieli Azzurri is a unique blend combining the elegance of jasmine and honeysuckle with the sweetness of orchard blossoms and berries underpinned by the fresh perfume of cedarwood. This scent will fill your home with a rich velvety aroma of fresh linen drying under tuscan blue skies filled with breezy sea air. A beautiful clean scent that is also very good at tackling lingering odours of pets or cooking.

This fragrance is pure bliss for our hinching community that just love scents that enhance their homes with that freshly "hinched" feeling.

Each 10ml bottle holds 200 - 250ml of oil providing over 400 hours of fragrance.

Please note this oil is SOLELY for use in one of our Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffusers.