Bello Morello Scented Soy Tealights - Pack of six


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Bello Morello Tealights
Black Cherry Scented Tealights

These fruity tealights offer a rich fragrance, reminiscent of the ripe cherry orchards of Modena, simply bursting with the fragrance of ripe cherries underpinned by deeper notes of rum and cinnamon.

This rich velvety fragrance is a lovely deep fruity scent popular with all of our customers and a little goes a long way! Which makes these tealights a great option to inject a strong burst of fragrance in the home either on their own or in conjunction with other Bello Morello products for a deeper, more layered scent effect.

With these tealights you can really layer your favourite scent in combination with wax melts, candles or simply on their own for a burst of fragrance.

Each pack offers six individual pure soy tealights made using a recycled plastic cup and cotton wick, scented with our beautiful Bello Morello fragrance.

You can be assured of a far longer burn than nasty toxic paraffin tealights, without the toxins or allergens.

Each tealight will burn for almost 6 hours and are safe to use with any of our wax burners or on their own or in tealight holders.

Bello Morello Tealights
Black Cherry Scented Tealights