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Bella Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser

Bella Sparkle Mosaic Ultrasonic mist difuser
Bella Mist Diffuser

The Bella ultrasonic mist diffuser is a beautiful new mist diffuser in a silver mosaic design with silver base

This device uses ultrasonic frequencies to create silent vibrations. This breaks the fragrance oil and water into tiny particles, creating an ultra-fine mist that is highly fragranced and due to it's unique design offers a colour changing mode or you can choose your own from multiple settings.

This unit has the option to set for 1, 2, or 3 hours of misting or a continuous mode with a safety cut-off ensuring that the device will  turn off automatically when it runs out of water

It's a beautiful way to fragrance your home using just 100ml of water and a few drops of our fragrance oil.

You can choose to have the warm white light on or off

*Please note discount codes will not apply to this device  

How to use your Luna Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser Safely


1. Always unplug your device before changing water or cleaning

2. Remove outer case and remove lid from water tank

3. Fill tank with room temperature tap water without going over the max line

4. Place a few drops of your Uno Lusso oil into the tank (4-5 is recommended)

5. Replace tank lid and Diffuser cover

6. Plug in

7. Press left button for lamp to choose run cycle of 1, 2,3 or 4 hours or continuous mode.

8. Press right to select colour options - it will default to colour rotation by default or you can press again to select one fixed colour.

9. Safety cut off will turn device off when water is too low

10. Clean fully once a week to prevent oil / residue build up.


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Bella Sparkle Mosaic Ultrasonic mist difuser
Bella Mist Diffuser