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Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser - Spa Di Lusso (6 Scents)

Unwind Reed Diffuser - Spa Di Lusso Range
Unwind Diffuser - Lavender, Chamomile & Coconut Milk

About our aromatherapy reed diffusers

Designed with your well-being in mind our Spa Di Lusso araomtherapy reed diffusers are made using a pure soy derivative oil base infused with a beautiful blend of aromatherapy and fragrance oils to help you create balance.

Available in each of our spa inspired scents simply choose the fragrance for the effect you want to create or simply love the best.


Lavender, chamomile & creamy coconut milk have been combined to create a calming and tension relieving formula that can aid sleep and soothe the mind.

If you're feeling stressed or suffer with anxiety then this combination of clary sage and dead sea minerals can create calm, address mood imbalance (particularly hormonal imbalance) and ease anxiety - plus it smells great! 

Bergamot, Mandarin & Jasmine have been combined in this luxury reed diffuser oil to create a beautiful scent that will help to raise your mood, give you a spring in your step and make your home happy. This scent will literally make your home smell like the most beautiful spa! 

This unique blend of rosemary, eucalyptus & sea salt can help to clear the mind, boost memory and enhance concentration or study. This smells wonderful but is not recommended for use in a bedroom at night as may prevent sleep.

Revitalising Lime, Jasmine & Sea Kelp have been blended in this fragrance oil to help invigorate the mind, boost creativity and support a positive mindset. If you're looking for more energy this is the scent for you!

A powerful combination of grapefruit, black pepper and cardamom working together to create a scent that will boost energy, enhance stamina and build resilience. A great scent if you're feeling tired, have physical activities to tackle or suffer from low energy

See the full Spa Di Lusso collection for more products in this range or in the Unwind fragrance.

What's included?

Packaged in a beautiful diffuser box your purchase includes a glass jar filled with your diffuser oil (100ml), a silver collar and 6 white reeds.

When your product arrives simply unscrew the collar, remove the plug, replace the collar and place the reeds in your bottle. Allow the reeds to absorb the oil over a few hours and then change the reeds to place the opposite ends into the oil. All set!

Refill oil is available for future purchase.

Please see our product guidelines for how to use your room diffuser safely.

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Unwind Reed Diffuser - Spa Di Lusso Range
Unwind Diffuser - Lavender, Chamomile & Coconut Milk

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