Argento - Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser & Humidifier

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Argento Cool Mist Diffuser & Humidifier
Silver Ultrasonic Air Diffuser

Our Argento ultrasonic mist diffuser and humidifier is a stunning new addition to our range of fragrance hardware and is a beautiful way to fragrance the home without the need for a candle or heat (particularly useful for warmer months or in bedrooms!)

This device uses ultrasonic frequencies to create silent vibrations. This breaks the fragrance oil and water into tiny particles, creating an ultra-fine mist that is highly fragranced and replenishes moisture in the air (particularly good in months where central heating can dry the skin).

With LED light to create a soothing ambience and a 100ml water tank this device is suitable for use with all of our fragrance oils and can be used via USB or UK plug socket. (Device comes with USB power lead and UK Plug)

A full water tank will last approximately 8 hours while using just a couple of drops of fragrance oil.

How to use your Argento Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser Safely

1. Always unplug your device before changing water or cleaning

2. Remove outer case and remove lid from water tank

3. Fill tank with room temperature water without going over the max line

4. Place a few drops of your Uno Lusso fragrance oil into the tank

5. Replace tank lid and Diffuser cover

6. Plug in

7. Press button for lamp for LED light if preferred

8. Press mist button to begin misting.


Argento Cool Mist Diffuser & Humidifier
Silver Ultrasonic Air Diffuser