A unique luxury wax melt subscription box that saves you £9 and entitles you to #Lussolovely VIP perks

What's included:

  • New theme each month

  • 5 luxury wax melt clamshells
  • 5 unique and exclusive fragrances - not available to purchase separately
  • Monthly online event hosted by Tara
  • VIP discount on ALL other purchases
  • FREE Delivery
  • Access to secret sales and live events the Candle Barn
  • £9 off RRP


How it works


Monthly Subscription £15.99 per month
Each month around the 15th of the month your VIP Wax Melt Club parcel will be dispatched.
You will receive an email with your tracking information
Inside your box will be 5 wax melts in unique scents unavailable to buy any other time
You can choose to explore the scents on your own using the menu included or you can join Tara and other #Lussolovelies online each
and explore them together

Each wax melt holds enough wax to offer c96 hours of beautiful fragrance
You will receive a VIP discount code to use on any other purchases for each month you are a VIP subscriber

You will have VIP status for secret shopping events and events hosted at the Candle Barn
Each subscription will be FREE delivery


Minimum 3 months initial subscription

You are obliged to sign up for a minimum 3 month period
Once 3 months is complete you can opt out at any time
If you sign up by the 5th of the month you will receive that month's subscription box
If you sign up after the 5th of the month you will receive the following month's subscription box (you won't be charged twice)


Cancel any time after initial period

Once your three month period is complete you can cancel anytime but we hope you will enjoy them so much you'll stay with us

If you cancel after your last month's subscription and before the 1st of the following month your subscription will be cancelled immediately
If you cancel after the 1st of a month you will be charged and will receive one final subscription box before your subscription is cancelled


An affordable gift to yourself each month

Luxury is a feeling not a price tag!

We are so excited to share our beautiful themes and scents with you! We know how important self-care is and having an affordable treat to look forward to each month, and one that is proven to enhance mental wellbeing and your happiness at home is more important than ever!

We work on your subscription months in advance, crafting a unique theme, developing fragrance blends that deliver on that theme and when the prototypes are perfect we begin pouring our hearts and souls into your beautiful wax melts.
As a VIP you will be automatically invited to any events we hold here at the Candle Barn which will include Open Days, Secret Shopping Events, VIP Exploration Days and much more
We can't wait to meet you at the Candle Barn but in the meantime you can always watch us work by following us on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or Facebook!


When does the first month start?

Our first month is May and sign up is open now. If you subscribe before May your first box will arrive somewhere around 15th -17th May. If you subscribe in April not further payment will be taken in May and payments will then be collected as normal on the 1st of each month.

How do I use my VIP Discount Code?

When you first subscribe you will be sent a welcome email with a VIP code that you gives you an automatic 10% off all products for your lifetime as a VIP member. Just enter this code (it is unique to you and will only work for your account) at checkout in the discount code box. This is after you click checkout but before you make payment.

How do I know if my subscription box is on it's way?

Each month you will receive a confirmation that your payment has been processed and that your box is in production. Once your parcel is dispatched somewhere around the 15th of the month you will be sent a further email with your tracking code. This usually takes around 48 hours to arrive but can vary in some locations.

How do I cancel?

We really hope that you love the VIP Wax Melt Club so much that you stay subscribing however if at any point after the initial 3 month period you wish to cancel you can either do so by logging into your account on our website OR by contacting our customer service team on 

Why is there a minimum 3 month sign up?

We are only able to offer such a significant savings on a unique theme each month by having a fixed number of products we can make together at once in advance. We cannot achieve savings on supplies and labour costs unless we know in advance how much stock to purchase and as these are all unique scents each month and won't be available via any of our collections we cannot use stock not sold so we need to be able to plan ahead to be able to share those costs savings with you. Each box should actually cost you over £21

What scents will be included?

The fun of a subscription box is not knowing what is coming - its a little like getting a gift each month! Rest assured we prepare our ideas and test our fragrances months in advance - we don't release a theme unless we are totally in love with it ourselves - every wax melt in a subscription box is made to the same standard as our collection wax melts. Beautiful premium fragrance oils, our unique soy wax blend, precision craftmanship and all made here at the Candle Barn by us! No dirty factory, no cold warehouse distorting your wax, no dyes or glitters disguising the quality. Absolute luxury just at an afforable price

What is the online event each month?

Each month you can choose to just tear open your box and explore the scents in your own time OR you can join Tara and other Lusso Lovely VIPs online and Tara will host a discovery LIVE and talk you through each wax melt, the ideas behind the theme and what each scents as well the inspiration behind it. Previous events have been quite lovely social events - so grab a glass of something fizzy and join us as we discover these beautiful scents together! Each month when your box is dispatched you will be sent the details of how and when to join Tara an if you're not available the recording will be sent to you anyway to watch in your own time!