The Story So Far


From a young age Tara used candles & fragrance as a way to deal with difficulties and uncertainties in her young life. This passion for making home feel beautiful, safe and restorative never left her; leaving her with a life long passion and hobby that was only known to family and friends as she built a successful corporate career.

As her early 40's approached Tara fell out of love with the corporate world and threw caution to the wind, against the advice of many, to finally do something she loved - making other people's homes feel wonderful

In the late summer of 2019, Tara and her husband, set about building a business built on their own family values; slowly but surely building a reputation for exceptional quality, beautiful design that enhances rather than imposes on the unique design of each home and most importantly; unique fragrances

Together they rapidly fell in love with their new business and decided to completely put their whole energy and all resources into building Uno Lusso.  A business that today nurtures 42 unique scents and over 600 products - outperforming the market for strength of fragrance and lasting power due to their inhouse bespoke wax and fragrance blends.

Covid19 hit the world in early 2020, just one week after investing into a lease and refurb of a building in which to grow their business - testing their resolve and work ethic to the limits.

With the support of their fans they continued to grow despite the many obstacles that the pandemic threw at them  - today they now have tens of thousands of customers around the world using their products including many celebrities.

Featured in Vogue Magazine on several occasions they continue to thrive doing what they love best... producing beautiful long-lasting products to make your home feel wonderful in the peaceful surrounds of the Candle Barn in the Cambridge countryside

You can continue to watch their journey on their YouTube channel or the Candle Barn TV page or bite sized updates via Instagram, Facebook or Tik Tok