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Our signature collection is home to twelve unique scents and over 300 products - our free wax melt sample pack allows you to "sniff test", find your favourite scents and place an order with total confidence


Scents included in your sample pack


A smooth silky powdery blend of rosewood, bergamot, jasmine, ylang ylang, lavender and roman chamomile

Inspired by baby soft, sweet fragrant just bathed skin and fresh fluffy white towels


Bel Padre

A warm vanilla fragrance with the added spiciness of tonka beans balanced by the sweetness of cacao and the smoky aromatic florals of tobacco blossom

Inspired by aromatic forest walks and cashmere hugs with Papa



An elegant clean and fresh scent of soft white rose, jasmine, vetiver and oak moss

Inspired fresh white egyptian cotton sheets and fresh white flowers


Bello Morello

Ripe rich black cherries underpinned by deeper notes of rum and cinnamon

Inspired by the lusyh cherry orchards of Modena and Amaro liqueur


Cieli Azzurri

An rich velvety fusion of jasmine and honeysuckle with sweet orchard blossoms underpinned by the fresh perfume of cedarwood.

Inspired by linens drying in the breezy sea air under a Tuscan blue sky



Sweet almond, a little warm vanilla and a touch of morello cherry for a wonderfully good enough to eat aroma

Inspired by the mouth watering comforting scent of almond cake baking in Nonna's kitchen


Mandarino Verde

Sweet oranges, fresh zesty Sicilian limes and peppery basil leaves

Inspired by the aromatic citrus groves of southern Italy


Oro Rosa

Ancient dusky rose and smoky sensual oudh

Inspired by the ancient rose rituals of Rome



Sparkling Prosecco, sweet grapefruit, Sicilian orange and pink pomelo dance on a base of jasmine and musk

Inspired by the glamour of cocktail hour



Dusky bergamot, bright orange, warm amber, cracked coconut, creamy almond and sweet vanilla

Inspired by the glamour of luxury beach life and the bliss of sand between your toes



Vetiver, sandalwood, orris and musk for a clean musky woodsy perfume

Inspired by aromatic hilltops of Ravello overlooking the Amalfi coast




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We know it's hard to know which scents to choose if you can't smell them yourself - so we want you to have the confidence to try our products and find your faves before spending

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We strive constantly to produce amazing quality products - we're so confident that you'll love at least a couple of the scents that we know giving away free product will be worthwhile

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It feels just as good to send out a freebie as it does to receive one! We love how excited everyone gets when their samples arrive and finding out which scents you love the most!

How to use our FREE samples

Please bear in mind this is a sample box. Usually we would advise using 2-3 hearts at a time - in this box you'll receive one heart in each of the 12 scents in our signature collection.

You won't achieve the same volume of scent that you would with a recommend portion of wax...BUT...You will be able to test to know whether you like each scent...AND...If you like the sample size then you'll really love a full size portion of wax


  • Use one heart at a time
  • Use a tealight wax burner and a 4 hour tealight only
  • Smell the wax melt before burning and then place in the well of your wax burner and light the tealight
  • Sit back and allow the aroma to develop as the wax melts
  • You can expect up to 24 hours of fragrance from each melt
  • Once the scent has faded you can remove the wax and try another wax melt

  • Tip
    When testing / smelling the melts your nose can become overloaded with all the scents
  • Try sniffing coffee beans / granules or the back of your hand between each melt to "reset" your sense of smell


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We believe every family and home is unique and beautiful and deserving of the elegant finishing touch of a beautiful fragrance.

We are totally against poor quality products that damage health as well as horribly overpriced products that you begrudge using.

Candles, wax melts and all other Uno Lusso home fragrance products are made to feel luxurious but not break the bank because candles and wax melts are for using now not saving for "best"...

After all, you are the special guest and coming home should be the special occasion

We are put real love into every product we handcraft with the aim of creating a feeling of luxury, high quality, excellent performance but great value

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