Brand Reps

Love our products? 
Want to become a Brand Rep?

We want to work with social influencers who are highly engaged with their audiences who can help us to build our business across the UK. We care less about volumes of followers and much more about passion, enthusiasm and real influence and engagement.

What we look for

Our brand reps have audiences of between 1000 and 100,000 but all have strong followings in home, interiors, health and beauty, have a genuine love of home fragrance and have an account people want to follow. 

How it works

We have just relaunched our Brand Rep programme and have designed a different programme for different levels of account.This is NEW for 2020 and we are so excited! The next intake of Brand Reps will start on 1st June 2020.

As long as you have 1000 engaged followers you have a strong chance of joining one of our programmes.

At the start you may just join one of our groups where you can help other fellow Lusso Lovelies to grow their accounts, gain tips and strategies for building your account and get some freebies and discount codes in return for helping us to promote our brand.

For larger accounts you will probably qualify for a gifted bundle of products each month (£50 - £200 depending on size of your account) for a more structured programme of sharing stories and posts with your followers.

For very large accounts we will be launching an affiliate scheme and if you're a celebrity (blue tick instragram account) we can arrange one off or regular promotional packs to share with your followers.

Authenticity matters to us

We only work with Brand Reps that genuinely LOVE our products and only work with us as their preferred wax / candle / home fragrance partner. If you haven't already purchased from us then please do so before applying and make sure you feel aligned with our products and believe in their quality. We won't gift products to people who aren't already a customer - we sell item for as little as £2.99.

Next Steps

If you know you have a minimum of 1000 followers on instragram, have a good level of engagement with your followers and have already tried our products then please click before to apply to our programme. 

Let's spread the Lusso love!


Uno Lusso Brand Rep Programme