Which wax melts are best?

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Which wax melts are best?

If you find yourself wondering how to get best value when purchasing wax melts here is your easy guide...

What Does Best Mean To You?

Best usually means they last a long time representing great value for money. They smell lovely and make your home feel special and the scent is strong but not overpowering and the people asking advice on which wax melts are the best have usually had a negative experience in the past.

If you're new to Uno Lusso and you're reading this then welcome, we are a small family business based in Cambridge.

I'm Tara, the founder (alongside my husband Richard) and I too used to be the same. I would love to make my home feel special after a long day at work, when I had finishing cleaning and make the home feel clean and bright, when I wanted to cosy and warm... BUT... I used to get migraines from many products, I would hate the weird sickly synthetic scents available in shops but begrudge the super expensive designer label products.

I felt there was no middle ground... which is why when we developed our business we spent a lot of time developing, testing and tweaking. Coming up with products that answered these frustrations because I knew I was not alone in feeling this way.

So rest assured if you purchase wax melts from us the quality will be exceptional and scent throw will be strong. We also use 100% organic soy wax only and premium fragrance oils and essential oils staying well away from cheap pthalate heavy compound oils that can induce terrible headaches. We also never use known allergens to household pets which can often be found in these types of products. So rest assured the quality is there and so is the value - you can use our products guilt free - they will only ever add beauty and elegance to your home without compromising health. We are budget friendly too - while the unit cost per product can sometimes look more expensive that shop bought alternatives - our products are actually far cheaper to use due to how long they last - for example our luxury wax melts cost around 2p per hour to use.

The trickier question is.... which scent is best for you?

This is a very personal choice so I would ask you to consider three things before choosing scents

1. How do you want your home to feel?

2. What types of scent typically mean that feeling to you? 

3. Are there any scent you outright dislike?

These three questions usually enable me to make several suggestions that will nearly always hit the mark

Here's some examples submitted by customers:

Wants home to feel:
Light and airy
Drawn to: Clean / Linen / Laundry type smells
Hates: Vanilla

Recommended by Tara: Bellissimo, Fresco, Mandarino Verde

Wants home to feel:
 Warm, Cosy, Safe
Drawn to: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Musk
Hates: Almond

Recommended by Tara: Bel Padre, Ambra, Ravello, Pomegranate Nero

Wants home to feel:
 Sensual, Sexy, Moody
Drawn to: Perfumes, Florals with musk
Hates: Flowery / Old Fashioned scents

Recommended by Tara: Amore, Ambra, Florence, Massimo

Wants home to feel:
 Light, pretty, floral, fresh
Drawn to: Florals, vanilla and essential oils
Hates: Heavy / musky

Recommended by Tara: Petali, Venezia, Portofino, Bambino, Tuscany


If you're not sure where to start with using wax melts for the first time or which scents to try first we recommend our Collection Grande Wax Melt Clamshells - you can try six scents at once with 4 cubes of wax in each of the six scents in a collection:

Bianca Collection is great for clean, light, fresh and bright scents

Nero Collection for those looking for deeper, muskier striking scents

Botanico Collection for those that love nature inspired wax with botanicals, herbs and florals from Italy

Still not sure? You can always submit your request for recommendations by emailing us on hello@unolusso.com - make sure you put this in your email:

Wants home to feel:
Drawn to:


Happy Melting!
Tara x

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  • Kelly Harris

    Can I ask whether it’s better to use an electric wax lamp or a tealight one? which one gives better scent in a large room?

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