We Built A Candle Shop!! Part 1

by Tara Lescott

Hey Lovelies!

If you follow us on Instagram then you know that we recently released some sneak peak reveals of a secret project we have been working on...


While we originally only filmed clips for our own private memories, we have caved to your many and lovely requests for more behind the scenes footage

We have decided to share but please be kind - we don't claim to be as good at building, decorating and DIY as we are at making lovely home fragrance products - despite that we are super proud of our results

I have recorded a voiceover to fill you in on what we did and how we did it - but Part 2 is coming and in that video we do record ourselves facing the camera and talking you through our plans for The Studio while also completing all the interior finishing touches and sharing some exciting new additions to our product line

So stay tuned for that and also our launch party details (eek) and public opening date...

More on that very soon but for now feel free to have a nosey at what we've been up to!


Tara & Richard xxxx

 P.S - Can you imagine this place at Christmas!!!!!!!!!??????


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