Tealight vs Electric Wax Melt Burner - Which one is best for your home?

by Tara Lescott

So if you have already started using wax melts you probably started with a ceramic tealight wax burner - most of us start out this way. Over time though you become aware of electric wax melt warmers and it's common to wonder what the difference is between the two devices.

In this blog post I am going to simplify this down to the key differences so that you can decide what is best for you and your home - however most people (including me!) usually have both in their home.

Let's start with how they work:


Tealight Wax Melt Burner
So most burners of this type tend to be made of glass or ceramic as the conduct heat extremely well. A tealight is lit underneath the well of the burner where the wax melt sits and the heat from the flame melts the wax and releases the scent into the air.

The scent is released rapidly as the flame is instant but it can burn quite hot initially and then start to fade as the tealight reduces down. This can mean a very strong scent throw initially that will fade down a little and can sometimes use up your wax more rapidly.

Electric Wax Melt Warmer
Electric warmers require no tealights or exposed flame and instead use a light bulb to heat a ceramic or glass dish to melt the wax and again releasing the fragrance into the air. The electricity and bulb provides a constant source of consistent heat. It wont quite achieve the peak heat of an initial open flame but you won't get the fragrance drop off either. Your wax will last longer as a result. 

Many people with small children or pets prefer an electric warmer as it removes the risk of an open flame but for some the flickering light of the tealight provides a calming glow they don't want to sacrifice (although many electric burners do have wonderful lighting / flickering effects now).

All in all either device is a very effective and inexpensive way to fragrance your home and make it feel special. If day long consistent fragrance without the need to replenish tealights or have an exposed flame is what you need then an electric wax burner is the right device for you. 

If can do without the flickering light of a flame or you just have to have that rapid burst of extra strong fragrance then a tealight burner is better for you.

For many of us #waxmeltaddicts a mixture of the two in the home works well. A constant source of fragrance from an electric burner in main rooms like living / drawing rooms and kitchens and tealight burners for bathrooms and bedrooms or even hallways where you need the fragrance rapidly and for shorter periods of time.

Whichever devices suits you best, wax melts provide stunning luxury fragrance to your home for relatively little expense - our soy wax melts are designed to last for 24 hours per portion - that's around 24p per day!

However and wherever you use your wax melts... Happy Melting!

Tara xx


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