Tara's Top Scents For Autumn

by Tara Lescott

Cosy nights in, misty mornings, flickering candlelight, wax melts, hot chocolate, cashmere, log fires, forest walks, crunching leaves...

Whatever Autumn means to you it usually signals a change in how our home feels...

Shorter days, cooler air and darker nights means that we traditionally seek out comfort and warmth and typically begin to make our home ready for the winter season ahead.


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Autumn typically means warmer scents - those with a vanilla or musk base, those that either reflect the characteristics of Autumn or counter them

Woodsy musky scents are popular if you love being outdoors crunching through fallen leaves and breathing the mossy air in deeply... But if the cold gets to you and you seek comfort warming vanilla based scents may be your thing...

The beautiful thing about Autumn is that with it comes candle light and firelight - psychologically this brings a sense of wellbeing and a feeling of comfort and safety.

How we fragrance our homes truly does change the mood for everyone in it so here are my top scent recommendations for making your home feel unique, warm, cosy and beautiful this Autumn

Bel Padre

Reminiscent of dusky walks in the Foresta del Cansigilio in Veneto...our Bel Padre Collection offers a dusky warming fusion of tobacco blossom, vanilla beans and cacao. This is a soft, spicy, woody blend popular for it’s sophisticated layering of scent that rests on a richer sweeter vanilla base. It's probably why the whole family tend to love this one.

You'll love this scent if: you love vanilla, vanilla latte, hot chocolate, sweeter scents, curling up with a book in front of the fire

Enchanted Forest

A mystical blend of warm amber, soft magnolia, mallow and bluebells combined with cedar and sandalwood for a stunning perfume that recreates the wonder and magic of exploring an enchanted forest. A beautiful sophisticated musky perfume that appeals to all.

You'll love this scent if: you love forest walks, falling leaves, mystical magical scents, vibrant places and new adventures.

Pomegranate Nero

This is a sensual rich scent with top notes of pomegranate, plum and fresh roses; combined with mid notes of patchouli, cedarwood and spices and a musky base of amber, vanilla and leather. This is a timeless, classic and luxurious scent that remains one of our bestsellers all year round.

You'll love this scent if: you love deeper more unique scents, like expensive perfumes and luxurious brands, plush leather and mystical spices, 5 star hotels and exquisite decor


Such a gorgeous, comforting scent! Reminiscent of mama’s baking - this sweet scent will fill your home with the aroma of vanilla, amarena cherries and creamy almonds. If you like a sweet long-lasting scent then you will love this best-selling fragrance. 

You'll love this scent if: you love almonds, marzipan, cherry bakewell, amaretto, baking, sweet cakes and treats.


Smuggler's Cove

A rich oaky scent, with tobacco and rum undertones, sweetened with lemon and lime and a hint of spice that is deepened with a base of aged leather, oak moss and dark amber. Inspired by the aromatic secret coves of the Italian coast and undiscovered treasures. A deeply aromatic and exotic scent that is affectionately nicknamed the "sexy pirate".

You'll love this scent if: you love adventure, you're attracted to risk and challenges, you have a natural attraction to more traditionally masculine scents, you're keen to explore, make new discoveries, go off the beaten track and are unafraid of stepping into the unknown.


Rocky Ravine

Dusky bergamot, apple and grapefruit sit lightly on a deeper base of cedar, amber, jasmine, sandalwood & myrrh for a magical musky but fresh scent. This is a beautiful celestial, scent of wonder, airy, bright, magical and slightly out of this world. Inspired by star gazing from the peak of a magical mountain

You'll love this scent if: you're drawn to the wonders of the world, love to gaze at the stars, seek for deeper meaning in life, believe in magic and "something more".


The rocky cliffs and aromatic forests of Ravello are brought to life with this beautiful fragrance collection. Blending Vetiver, Sandalwood, Orris & Musk, Ravello is a clean yet sophisticated scent with staying power.

You'll love this scent if: You love the beauty of forests and beautiful vistas, love to explore ancient cities and museums, appreciate fresh air and sea views, beautiful oaks and pines, cracking log fires


An uplifting and refreshing blend of white oak, rock salt and white sage. A bright and breezy scent that brings the unique aroma of coastal breeze into your home.

You'll love this scent if: you love bracing autumn walks, clearing your head on the beach, getting your hair tangled with sea spray, finding sea glass and beautiful bleached driftwood and bringing those treasures home to keep or reading a book next to the window on a rainy day.


Dusky bergamot, sweet clementine and smoky amber entwine with embedded segments of orange to take to you to the aromatic hills of southern Italy lined with farmsteads and citrus groves carved into rocky clifftops.

You'll love this scent if: you love the russet leaves of autumn, making jam and spicy chutneys, love fragrant wood smoke and misty mornings, love autumn with a little warmth shining through, enjoy rustic farmhouse ambience


Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions 

Tara x

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