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"LOVED the Sip & Sniff launch - struggled to pick a favourite - ! love all of them!

Fiona Hadley


by Tara Lescott


Hello My Lovelies!

I am so excited to finally release six new scents.

Thank you to everyone that joined us for the LIVE LAUNCH as we all sniffed along with our Sip & Sniff packs

We are now fully stocked in all six new scents so here is a little run down of each scent, the key scent notes in each one and the inspiration behind each one

Wild Jasmine, Soft Suede, and White Musk

Bella is a symphony of soft, pretty notes with woody and musk undertones, designed to envelop your space in an aura of sophistication and warmth.

Scent Story
In my youth one of my favourite Saturday rituals was to saunter into The Body Shop and spend a happy hour sniffing everything and led eventually to me training in aromatherapy. While I loved the happy routine of sniffing and trying on everything I would always find myself drifting back to my favourite scent White Musk. I have wondered through the years, how that younger girl has suddenly changed into the woman I am today, and what my signature scent should be. I have always thought about how White Musk would have aged with me. I like to think it was a little more rounded now (like me!), wiser, more confident, more complex.... But still at heart, like the original.

This is Bella. It takes the heart of White Musk as the inspiration but it is more sophisticated, more textured. It is elegant yet sensual. It is soft and pretty but quite distinctive and appeals to those of us that like our homes to feel stylish and attractive. I hope you love it x

See all Bella products here

Pink Pomegranate, Velvet Woods & Vanilla Musk

Carina creates an aura of charm and elegance in any space. While the top notes are bright and pretty, the woody notes are clean edged and airy and the vanilla musk base gives a warm finish.

If you're anything like me, then you probably take great pride in making your living spaces feel comfortable, adding charming touches that make home feel special - you like pretty scents but also that clean or laundry type fragrance, because to you that clean feeling reflects the pride you take in your home.

Carina is perfect for those who adore adding charming accents to their homes and making home feel cosy and clean.

Shop all Carina products here

Moon Pine, White Lilac & Golden Amber

Zen is an ethereal perfume that almost dances on the air in your home.

It creates a feeling of peace and calm, often a much needed contrast to the stresses of everyday life.

Whether you're unwinding after a long day or creating a soothing ambiance for relaxation, meditation or sleep, Zen will add shimmery, almost magical airy scent to your home with a fresh finish.

It's no surprise that this scent is already a bestselling scent for our stockists and whitelabel customers in the spa / salon market.

See all Zen products here


Frankincense, Black Amber, and Vanilla Musk.

Moody yet mellow, Juno is a decadent and sensual blend with real depth.

Think rich fabrics, mood lighting, soft music, candle light and deep deep comfort. 

Whether you're dimming the lights and softening the mood as you transition your home from day time to evening or creating a moody vibe for an event or special visitor you will be creating a deeply decadent ambiance.

View all Juno products here


Wild Bluebell, Aqua Blossoms & White Woods

Invigorating, refreshing and crisp, this scent is the ultimate scent for those of us that pursue that "show home" standard in our homes. 

If you have a love of sparkling surfaces, crisp white sheets, plumped cushions, fresh flowers and airy sunlit rooms then this scent will be the perfect addition to your home.

See all the Fresca products here

Pink Amber, White Musk & Sandalwood.

This is a deep perfume full of personality and sensuality. It suits home with personality, with a flair for distinctive design and unafraid of bold colours or glamorous accessories

Deep and luxurious this is a strong and striking perfume that will elevate your space. It sumptuous and cannot be missed.

See all Moda products here


If you missed the LIVE then each of these scents are now available on our website and individual wax melt samples are available to take each scent for a test drive in your home. You can even sniff along and watch the replay of the LIVE LAUNCH as I talk you through each scent.

This first release of six scents in January is just the start of a schedule of many scents in 2024 - we can't wait to see what you all think!

We hope one of them becomes your new signature scent

Tara x

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