5 ways to keep your home cool & fresh this summer

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Whether you've got guests due any minute, you need a quick freshen up ready for the weekend or an imminent house viewing, we all find ourselves in situations where we need a rapid tidy up and want to create that instant feeling of clean and fresh - when it comes to the summer months this need is magnified as we try to counter the humidity and heat.

Luckily we have some very easy and cost effective way to keep your home cool, fresh and fragrant this summer while also adding a touch of luxury - if you want to recreate that fragrant spa / luxury hotel vibe read on....

Before we start it's best to mention two important points. Firstly, the easiest way for your favourite scent to survive the heat of the day is to layer your preferred fragrance. (Layering scent works in the same way that it does with our favourite bubble bath, body lotion, deodorant and perfume. It creates a deep and long-lasting effect without overpowering someone in one spot). The second is that the most effective form of fragrance requires movement of air - something that tends to stop when the air is heavy and hot

If you can layer and create movement you are onto a winner!

Here's 5 ways to achieve this and I have several suggestions for cooling scents at the end for you:

1. Cool Mist Oils - The ultimate way to fragrance your home instantly and make it feel cool is with the use of a cool mist diffuser. If you're new to them they are an electrical device that houses a small water tank. By adding a few drops of fragrance oil to the tank you create a cool mist that is dispersed into your home and carrying a beautiful perfume with it. No heat, no damp, just beautiful cooling airy fragrance. Be warned though - once you introduce one to your home you will not understand how you lived in your home properly beforehand! What's even better about these beautiful devices is that they often act as pretty statement pieces in the home and the range of fragrances available (We have 42 and counting) means you literally can find a fragrance to suit any mood, season or occasion.

You can use this method to fragrance and cool your home for just 2.5p per hour! Most people just don't realise how easy it is to recreate that luxury hotel or spa feeling at home and just wait until you have guests! Guaranteed they will all comment as soon as they step into your home!

2. Carpet & Upholstery Powder - sprinkling our fragranced powder on carpets, upholstery and rugs is a great way to deepen that clean scent (plus it makes your carpets feel beautifully soft) and is a great way to neutralise any pet smells. there's also something so cooling about it (you'll have to trust me on that point until you try it yourself) Just sprinkle where you need it and allow it work while you give the house a quick hinch and vacuum away. This powder is also seriously good at suppressing any whiffs from a sink, loo, drain or bin by simply sprinkling some in and leaving to settle - we know how heat creates stale odours in the heat

3. Room Spray - A quick spritz in the bedrooms and on bedding is a great way to neutralise a room and leave it smelling fresh. Bedrooms and living rooms hold scent more keenly than any other room and its a very personal smell so a spritz of a room spray in a scent like Bellissimo in bedrooms and on bedding and curtains can lift any room leaving a breezy crisp clean scent - because our room sprays are made to Eau du parfum standard the scent will last all day - so spritz away in the morning on your soft furnishings and in your key rooms and come home at the end of the day to a gorgeous scent (not that musty / hot / stale air feeling you get when the house is closed all day in the heat)

4. Wax Melts - Yes I said wax melts! Just because it's summer it doesn't mean we stop using wax melts. They still remain one of the most inexpensive ways to scent your home - you just might find that need to migrate to more summery / cool scents

5. Reed Diffusers - Our super long-lasting reed diffusers last around six months so be sure to choose a scent that you'll love to have around for a while! Reed Diffusers keep a constant hum of scent vibrating through your home BUT it's best to change their location a little in summer. Keep out of direct sunlight to prolong their scent and try to put in a position where there is air movement around the reeds - this will help broadcast the scent into the room. Keep those reeds rotate so that they remain moist!


So there you have it  - some very simple easy ways to make your home feel wonderful and fresh this summer - if you're looking for help choosing scents that freshen the home here are our most popular scents with a clean and fresh or cooling aquatic profile:

Cieli Azzurri
Mandarino Verde
Blue Lagoon
Surfer's Paradise

If you prefer summery florals & fruits then we recommend the following:

Watermelon Crush
Rhubarb & Plum
Nectarine & Honey
Peach & Petals
Apple Blossom

Wishing you all a lovely long fragrant summer with your families

Tara x

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  • Sally-Anne Reid

    Thanks for sharing this! I have this diffuser from you and honestly I cannot believe the impact on our house! It’s beautiful to look at but the actually mist / fragrance is unbelievable – I’m excited to try your powders though as haven’t even seen them before!! How have I missed this????

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