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★★★★★ "The most beautiful real lemon scent I've ever had" - Yvonne Denby - Yorkshire

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    Sorrento Wax Melt Sample
    Strongest smelling  lemon wax melts
    Sorrento Wax Melt Sample
    Botanico Wax Melt Selection box
    Botanico Luxury Wax Melt Selection Box
    Botanico - Gourmet Botanical Wax Melt Collection Box
    Sorrento Lemon wax melts with real l emon
    Sorrento lemon wax melt slab
    Sorrento - Dolcissimo Wax Palette
    Sorrento Aroma Oil
    Sorreneto Fragrance Oil
    Sorrento Fragrance Oil
    Sorrento Luxury Wax Melt Clamshells
    Sorrento Luxury Wax Melt Clamshells
    Sorrento - Luxury Soy Wax Melts
    Sorrento Lemon Grande Wax Melt Clamshell
    Sorrento XL Lemon Scented Soy Wax Melts
    Sorrento Grande Luxury Wax Melt Clamshell
    Sorrento Wax Melt Hearts -Jar of 15
    Sorrento Soy Wax Melt Hearts
    Sorrento Wax Melts - Jar of 15
    Sorrento Luxury Room Spray by Uno Lusso
    Sorrento Lemon 150ml Room Spray
    Sorrento Intensive Room Spray
    Sorrento Reed Diffuser 100ml
    Sorrento 100ml Reed Diffuser Refill
    Sorrento Luxury Reed Diffuser
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    Sorrento Lemon Wax Melt Hearts
    Sorrento Wax Melt Hearts
    Wax Melt Jar Refills - Sorrento
    Sorrento White Gloss candle
    Lemon White Gloss Candle - Sorrento By Uno lusso
    Sorrento - White Gloss Candle
    from €22,95
    Sorrento Spritz & Shake
    Sorrento Fragrance Powder 350g Shaker
    Sorrento Spritz & Shake Set
    Sorrento Metallic Silver Candle by Uno Lusso
    Sorrento Silver Metallic Candle by Uno Lusso
    Sorrento - Metallic Grande Candle
    Sorrento Plug In Diffuser
    Sorrento Plug in Diffuser Refill
    Sorrento Plug-In DIffuser
    from €7,95
    Sorrento Fragrance Powder 1kg and 350g Shaker
    Sorrento 350g Fragrance Powder
    Sorrento Fragrance Powder
    from €9,95
    Sorrento Car Diffuser
    Car Diffuser in Silver or Black
    Sorrento - Car Diffuser
    Sorrento - Gourmet Wax Melts
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