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    Reminiscent of mama’s baking this sweet scent will fill your home with the aroma of vanilla, amarena cherries and creamy almonds.

    If you like a sweet long-lasting scent then you will love this best-selling fragrance. 

    This is a beautiful scent for any space or as a gift and is available in all candle, wax melt, home fragrance and gifts.

    21 products
    Frangipane Luxury Soy Wax Melt Pot By Uno Lusso
    Frangipane - Luxury Soy Wax Melt Pot
    Sale price £2.49 Regular price £3.49 Save £1
    Frangipane Luxury Wax Melt Clamshell
    Frangipane - Luxury Soy Wax Melts
    Frangipane Wax Melt Jar - By Uno Lusso
    Frangipane Wax Melt - Jar of 15
    Frangipane Wax Melt Hearts
    Wax Melt Jar Refills - Frangipane
    Frangipane - 30cl White Gloss Candle
    from £19.99
    Frangipane 4 wick White gloss candle
    Frangipane - Large 4 wick candle
    from £26.99
    Frangipane Reed Diffuser - by Uno Lusso
    Frangipane Luxury Room Diffuser
    Donatella Reed Diffusers - White Silver and Black filled with Frangipane Oil
    Donatella Reed Diffuser - Frangipane
    Frangipane Reed Diffuser oil Refill
    Frangipane Reed Diffuser Oil Refill
    Frangipane Luxury Room Spray by Uno Lusso
    Frangipane Room Intensive Room Spray
    Frangipane Spritz & Shake Set
    Frangipane Spritz & Shake Set
    1kg black gloss pouch of Frangipane Carpet & Upholstery Powder
    Frangipane - Luxury Floor Fragrance Powder - Large Refill Pouch
    Black & Silver Car Diffuser Bottles by Uno Lusso
    Frangipane - Car Diffuser
    Sale price £7.99 Regular price £8.99 Save £1
    Frangipane Plug In Air Fresher  Plug & Fragrance Cartridge
    Plug-In DIffusers - Frangipane
    from £8.99
    Farngipane Silver and Black Venetian Glass Candle Hars
    Venetian Candle - Frangipane
    White gloss candle with lid and matching diffuser in white ribboned gift box
    Gloss Candle & Diffuser Gift Set - Frangipani
    from £39.99 Regular price £44.98 Save £4.99
    Silver Venetian Candle & Diffuser Gift Set by Uno Lusso with luxury gift box
    Venetian Candle & Diffuser Gift Set - Frangipane
    from £42.99 Regular price £46.98 Save £3.99
    Frangipane Fragrance Oil
    Frangipane Fragrance Oil
    Frangipane Silver Venetian Candel
    Grande Venetian Chrome Candle Jar - Frangipane
    Sale price £42.99 Regular price £44.99 Save £2
    Frangipane Metallic Grande Silver Candle
    Frangipane - Metallic Grande Candle
    Sale price £44.99 Regular price £49.99 Save £5
    Sweet Almond & cherry XXL Clamshell
    Frangipane - Grande Luxury Wax Melt Clamshell
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