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Cieli Azzurri Room Spray

Cieli Azzurri Luxury Room Spray
Cieli Azzurri Luxury Room Spray

This beautiful clean scent will deliver an elegant and long-lasting scent in any home and can be used both in the air and on linens and fabrics.

About our Cieli Azzurri Room Fragrance Spray

This fragrance is pure bliss for our customers that obssess over the satisfying smell of clean laundry. This scent combines the fruitiness of red berries and morello cherries with the elegance of jasmine. This scent will fill your home with a fresh scent of clean laundry drying under blue skies and the scent of fruit orchards.

Delivered in a 150ml glossy perfume bottle with ultra fine mist atomiser pump.

How to use our Room Fragrance
This room spray can be used on linens and furnishings as well as a general air fragrance spray however it should not be sprayed directly onto fabric - please leave at least 15cm distance and test any fabrics or furnishing in advance if in doubt.

This room fragrance contains flammable liquid that could cause eye irritation if used incorrectly. No allergens are present in this room fragrance spray. Ingredients include fragrance oil, (+/-)-2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxolane-4-methanol, Ethyl alcohol.

Cieli Azzurri Luxury Room Spray
Cieli Azzurri Luxury Room Spray

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