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    Dusky bergamot, sweet clementine and smoky amber entwine to take to you to the aromatic hills of southern Italy lined with farmsteads and citrus groves carved into rocky clifftops.
    15 products
    Botanico Wax Melt Selection Box
    Botanico - Gourmet Botanical Wax Melt Collection Box
    Calabria Luxury Wax Melts with orange embeds
    Calabria - Luxury Soy Wax Melts
    Glass jar filled with botanical luxury wax melts - Calabrian Orange with bergamot and amber embedded with real orange pieces
    Calabria Wax Melts - Jar of 15
    Calabria Luxury Wax Melts
    Wax Melt Jar Refills - Calabria
    Calabria White Gloss Candle with lid andbow
    Calabria - 30cl White Gloss Candle
    from £19.99
    White gloss candle - Callabria by Uno Lusso
    Calabria - Large 4 wick candle
    from £26.99
    Calabria Metallic Grande Candle with box
    Calabria - Metallic Grande Candle
    Sale price £44.99 Regular price £49.99 Save £5
    calabria Luxury Reed Diffuser by Uno Lusso
    Calabria Luxury Room Diffuser
    Luxury Room Spray - Calabria by Uno Lusso
    Calabria Intensive Room Spray
    Calabria Spritz & Shake Set
    Calabria Spritz & Shake Set
    Calabria Fragrance Oil - 10ml Glass Botle
    Calabria Fragrance Oil
    Calabria Plug in Freshener - cartridge & plug
    Calabria Plug-In Diffuser
    from £8.99
    Botanico 100ml Reed Diffuser Oil Refill
    Calabria Reed Diffuser Oil Refill
    Calabria Carpet & Upholstery Powder in Sorrento scent
    Calabria - Luxury Floor Fragrance Powder - 1kg Refill Pouch
    Calabria White Gloss Candle & Diffuser Gift Set
    Calabria White Gloss Candle & Diffuser Gift Set
    from £39.99 Regular price £44.98 Save £4.99
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