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    Our Belissimo range of candles, wax melts, room diffusers and carpet fresheners will infuse your home with the powdery musky scent of tuscan white linen drying in a soft breeze. 

    An elegant but long-stand scent that will give your home that freshly hinched and laundered smell.

    As with all of our ranges all products are produced using natural soy wax and high grade botanical oil fragrances.

    19 products
    Bellissimo Luxury Wax Melt Pot by Uno Lusso
    Bellissimo - Luxury Soy Wax Pot
    Sale price £2.49 Regular price £3.49 Save £1
    Bellissimo Luxury Wax Melts by Uno Lusso
    Bellissimo - Luxury Soy Wax Melts
    Jar of 15 heart shaped luxury wax melts scented in Bellission
    Bellissimo Wax Melts - Jar of 15
    Bellissimo Luxury Soy Wax Melt Hearts
    Wax Melt Jar Refills - Bellissimo
    XXL Bellissimo Wax Melt Clamshell
    Bellissimo - Grande Luxury Wax Melt Clamshell
    Belissimo Luxury Reed Diffuser by Uno Lusso
    Bellissimo Luxury Room Diffuser
    Bellissimo White Gloss 30cl Candle
    Bellissimo - 30cl White Gloss Candle
    from £19.99
    Bellissimo Reed Diffuser Oil Refill bottle - 100ml
    Bellissimo Reed Diffuser Oil Refill
    Bellissimo 4 wick white gloss candle with gift box
    Bellissimo - Large 4 wick candle
    from £29.99
    Bellissimo Room Spray by Uno Lusso
    Bellissimo Room Fragrance
    Bellissimo Plug In Diffuser by Uno Lusso
    Bellissimo Plug-In DIffuser
    from £8.99
    Bellissimo Spritz & Shake Duo
    Bellissimo Spritz & Shake Set
    Bellissimo Fragrance Oil by Uno Lusso
    Bellissimo Fragrance Oil
    Black & Silver Car Diffusers - Bellissimo by Uno Lusso
    Bellissimo - Car Diffuser
    Bellissimo Carpet & Upholstery Powder by Uno Lusso
    Bellissimo - Luxury Floor Fragrance Powder - Large Refill Pouch
    Bellissimo White & Silver Venetian Decorative Candle Jars
    Venetian Candle - Bellissimo
    Bellissimo XL Venetian Candle Jar
    Grande Venetian Chrome Candle Jar - Bellissimo
    Donatella Reed Diffusers - Silver, White or Black filled with Bellissimo Oil
    Donatella Reed Diffuser - Bellissimo
    Bellissimo Metallic Grande Candle - 750g
    Bellissimo - Metallic Grande Candle
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