5 Common Mistakes When Using Wax Melts & Wax Burners

by Tara Lescott

There's no doubt that wax melts provide an inexpensive and highly effective way to fragrance your home...

HOWEVER.... we do see a lot of products being misused. This can lead to broken burners, distorted fragrance or a waste of product.

We want you to get the best performance and the absolute best value from your purchases and not only that we want you to enjoy the fragrance at it's absolute best

So whatever you do lovelies - please avoid these top 5 common mistakes



8 hour tealights are not designed for use with wax warmers. They are designed for tealight holders ONLY. 8 hour tealights provide too much heat and as a result you will not only overheat your wax which will literally boil your wax and either use the scent too quickly or literally burn it off leaving no real scent or worse, it can lead to cracks, fractures or even holes forming in the well of your burner which is also a fire hazard. Please don't ever use 8 hour tealights - if you've used them before without issue then that is pure luck.



When you've finished with your current wax and want a change in scent then it is time to remove the leftover wax; clean the dish of your burner and start a fresh wax melt! However removing the wax is not as hard as you think - especially with our soy wax as it is incredibly soft as a more natural product. The easiest way to do so by far is to simply light a tealight for around 30 seconds, extinguish and then slide out the dish of wax with a folded piece of paper towel. Unfortunately someone somewhere promoted the idea of putting your burner in the freezer and while this does allow the wax disc to pop out it also damages your burner meaning over the next few uses your burner is likely to crack and fracture.



So we all like to get great value from our wax and make our favourite scents last a long time but using too small an amount is actually a complete waste. If you use our wax hearts then you will need a minimum of 2 but ideally at least 3 at a time. For clamshells one chunk or for pots a quarter cut portion. This amount is designed to achieve the right level of fragrance. The fragrance oil is blended in with melted wax and allowed to harden. When melted it releases the fragrance into the air. If you only use a very small portion it just won't be enough to fragrance your home plus the amount of wax is so small that the burner will melt it and use it too rapidly.



Its very common, particularly in supermarkets, for oil burners to be sold as wax burners. Some burners are dual purpose but how can you tell? A wax burner should ideally measure 10cm from the tealight to the well/dish of the burner and the well or dish is traditionally deeper than that of an oil burner. Anything less than this means that you are using an oil burner (designed for us with water and oils) or a mini burner that is only meant to be used for short burst of times (30 -40 mins max). Using an incorrect device will again use your wax too rapidly, and even over heat the fragrance oils to a dangerous level. Most commonly it just burns off the fragrance so that you can't really smell it all and just detect an oily waxy scent.



This is a such a common but dangerous practice that I see and it fills me with horror at the risk being taken. I'm not sure why people do this - it tends to be because the wax being used is too weak so the user is attempting to make the wax burn more strongly OR they're using the wrong portion side of wax for the size of the burner. Either way it is an extremely dangerous practice that is likely to create a crack or even explode the wax burner (they're only design to absorb a certain level of heat) - if this happens and you're not in the room you could start a fire. It's important to never leave a burner unattended and only use a standard 4 hour tealight at a time.



So my lovelies - wax melts continue to perfume our homes beautifully BUT please do use them and your wax burner correctly if you want to do so safely and without wasting product or breaking your burner!

Happy melting!

Tara x

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